Amit explores the National Parks of Central India

On a recent trip to central India, Amit Dhoj Khadka, Indus Senior Tours Consultant, had a truly unforgettable experience finding out about some of the country’s wonderful National Parks including PannaBandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench and up and coming Satpura.   Here’s our fascinating interview with Amit. 

Tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park, IndiaWhy did you go on this trip?

As Central India is one of the least travelled places and logistically quite challenging, many people shy away from what is India’s best highlight – the amazing array and diversity of wildlife and game plus the tribal areas. Continue reading


The Irrawaddy Experience with Pandaw Cruises

The Irrawaddy – a spectacular river flowing through Myanmar (formerly Burma) past magnificent teak monasteries, golden pagodas, colourful markets and local people engaged in their daily tasks much as they have done for centuries.

Irrawaddy market day - photo by Samoano

Irrawaddy market day – photo by Samoano

Nowadays you can travel in style and luxury aboard river cruise ships that evoke a world when time passed more slowly and life was lived without the necessity of being in contact 24/7. Continue reading

Sponsoring a Bengal Tiger

In early 2013 Indus Experiences decided to sponsor a Bengal tiger cub at Bandhavgarh National Park in India. Animal conservation is absolutely vital to the planet as we struggle to live in harmony with other animals.  Man has an insatiable hunger for land which is eating away at the natural habitats of many of the earth’s wildlife.  One of the most magnificent animals in gravest danger is the tiger.

Bengal tiger lying down, India - Photo Indus Tours

Bengal tiger – photo Indus Tours

According to the WWF there are only six living sub-species of tiger; the Amur (Siberian), Bengal (Indian), Indo-Chinese, Malayan, Sumatran and South China. Three other sub-species, the Bali, Caspian and Javan, are now extinct. Continue reading

Indus Experiences – British Travel Awards Winner

Indus Tours British Travel Awards winner - best small holiday companyIt is always lovely to receive an award or accolade in any walk of life but when it is customers and peers who vote for you then there is an extra pleasure. In October 2013 we were excited to learn that we had won ‘Best Small Holiday Company to Southern Asia’ at the British Travel Awards ceremony .  For many years the BTA organisation has acted as ‘arbiter of public opinion on travel industry performance’ and this award is recognised as the ‘Benchmark of Excellence’. Continue reading

Can’t stand the rain? Join us painting in Rajasthan

Phyllis Wolff sketching in India

Phyllis Wolff

Well-know artist and traveller Phyllis Wolff tells us why she loves India and is so looking forward to escaping to Rajasthan to lead our ‘Colourscapes of Rajasthan’ painting tour. 

“I can’t stand the rain, Against my window pane, Bringing back sweet memories …”  Tina Turner

Imagine standing at the kitchen sink, looking at the rain, sleet or snow hitting the window.  Your mind wanders off; the sensation of warm sun on the bare skin of your arms, the scent of heady spices in your nostrils.   Continue reading