About Indus Tours

The Taj Mahal - Inuds Tours

From its roots as a specialist company in tailor-made holiday to India Indus naturally grew throughout the Indian sub-continent, offering their guests the same high professional standard of service. A few years later, building upon this success, Indus developed short haul destinations to give guests the same Indus experience.  Today, in addition to India, Indus offers a superb choice of destinations, each with its own dedicated team of experienced consultants.

Bhutan temple and purple trees

Take a look at the destination of your choice and we hope you will find your pick. Alternatively contact our destination experts for the best advice help in planning your dream holiday and competitive quotation.

Sri Lanka - Indus Tours

Reservations – please call 020 8901 7320 E-mail us

TAILOR-MADE HOLIDAY: Quotation Request Form 

KBC Harrow Exchange | 2 Gayton Road | Harrow | Middlesex HA1 2XU

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