An easy Indian recipe for Savoury Peanuts

When you’re having friends round for a meal or drinks it’s always nice to serve up something you’ve made yourself. But let’s face it, in this busy world we live in, how many of us have time to conjure up those delicate little nibbles that cooks like Nigella, Delia and Jamie tell us will only take 10 minutes but somehow seem to require so much longer?

Recipe for Indian savoury peanuts - ingredients

Here is a REALLY quick and easy recipe for Savoury Peanuts so popular in India and around the world.


450 grams unsalted peanuts

1 teaspoon chilli  – mild or strong depending on taste

1 tsp freshly ground black pepper – coarse ground if possible

1 tspn coarse salt – sea salt flakes work well

You may want to increase these amounts depending on how hot and spicy you like your nuts.

300ml sunflower oil


  1. Heat oil in a wok or deep frying pan to high temperature then reduce to medium heat.
  2. Add handful of nuts and cook for 10 -15 seconds til coated all over. (Keep an eye on this as they can quickly overheat.)
  3. Place nuts in bowl lined with kitchen roll to take excess oil
  4. Mix the spices together in a decent size bowl (enough to take all the peanuts)
  5. Toss the peanuts around in the spices until coated all over.
  6. Taste and add extra spice if needed
  7. Allow to cool then serve in small portions in your most attractive dishes
  8. Pat yourself on back for producing your very own ‘Indian nibbles’ in no time at all

Indian savoury peanuts recipe

The savoury peanuts nuts will keep for 3-4 weeks in airtight container, although it is unlikely they will last  that long, as they are very moreish!

Nowhere in the world is there such a diversity of culinary choice as there is in India. From the delicious vegetarian Thali in South India, via amazing Waswan banquets from Kashmir, to the finest of fresh water fish in Bengal this country is foodie heaven.

Awadhi and Rajasthani Culinary experience - India food tour Indus

Awadhi and Rajasthani Culinary experience

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