Can’t stand the rain? Join us painting in Rajasthan

Phyllis Wolff sketching in India

Phyllis Wolff

Well-know artist and traveller Phyllis Wolff tells us why she loves India and is so looking forward to escaping to Rajasthan to lead our ‘Colourscapes of Rajasthan’ painting tour. 

“I can’t stand the rain, Against my window pane, Bringing back sweet memories …”  Tina Turner

Imagine standing at the kitchen sink, looking at the rain, sleet or snow hitting the window.  Your mind wanders off; the sensation of warm sun on the bare skin of your arms, the scent of heady spices in your nostrils.   A boat glides over a lake, women like brightly coloured birds move across a landscape.  You visualise magical temple buildings, the threnody of sufi singers, street sellers and musicians …

Indian musicians byPhyllis Wolff

Indian musicians by Phyllis Wolff

Maybe you reach for the Kingfisher beer (more thrilling chilled!) and mix a warm pink  puddle of watercolour, watching it flow across the paper and dream of escaping to a warm country full of life and colour … Well, it doesn;t have to be a dream.  Now you can make it a reality by joining us on our Indus Painting in Rajasthan tour.

Melbury Delight - by Phyllis Wolff

Melbury Delight  by Phyllis Wolff

I love the few square miles around my home and have been painting Melbury Hill for nearly 40 years.  Nevertheless, every now and then it is very important for me to venture into a different landscape to draw and paint, and I do find the long dreary cold months of the English winter hard to get through!

Women from Karnataka  by Phllis Wolff

Women from Karnataka by Phllis Wolff

I remember my first experience of India.  Sniffing the air and seeing the lush vegetation ….. blue smoke rising from a small fire in a forest …  the richness of the colours …  It is such a feast for all the senses and the drawings, scribbles and photos you make on the tour will keep you painting for a long time once you’re back home.

Rajasthan window and wall

Colourful window and wall – Rajasthan

So escape to India – a painter’s delight, fascinating, rich with life, noise and colour.  In Rajashtan there’s an overwhelming wealth of subject matter to stimulate artist and non artist alike with an intinerary perfect for the comfort-loving adventurer.  We have kept the packing and upacking to a minimum – three hotels and the longest journey on overnight train. Delhi offers many known delights including Humayun’s Tomb and the Shrine of Sufi Saint, Hazrat Nizamuddin to attend a Sufi music recital.  We will visit the National Museum which will give us a oasis of quiet in a busy city and there’s the option to see the elusively beautiful Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal and boat India

Taj Mahal and boat

Other highlights include staying in the Blue City of Jodpur where we’ll see 15th C Mehrangrah Fort and spend four days in luxury at the 15th C Mehrangrah Fort.  We end the tour on a real high note in stunning Udaipur on Lake Pichola.

Panorama of Udaipur's Jag Mandir Island at Lake Pichola, Rajasthan, India by Sballal

Panorama of Udaipur – photo by Sballal

Some tips for equipment.  In my painting knapsack is a sizeable piece of bubble wrap to sit on – light, comfortable and clean.  I also take a plastic picinic beaker with a lid for water.  In India you need to use drinking water if, like me, you have a habit of licking your brush to a point?  I use just one big, fat sable brush that points up beautifully.

Turquoise doorway by Phyllis Wolff

Turquoise doorway by Phyllis Wolff

Once you have booked your place we will send you lots more details on what to take. Yasin Zargar and I have designed this hand picked tour with great care.  It will provide artists and your non-painting companions with a myriad of sights and experiences to feed the imagination for many months to come.

Indian women carrying pots

Indian women carrying pots

We really hope you will join Phyllis Wolff and her husband Robert on what promises to be a truly inspirational and creative holiday painting in Rajasthan.

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5 thoughts on “Can’t stand the rain? Join us painting in Rajasthan

  1. We are honoured to partner with Phyllis on this very special tour. It will be a very special highlight for 2014 and we’re looking forward to seeing the creative output after the trip 🙂

    • It’s certainly a very special one Lynne and we hope that lots of people (artists and those who simply to learn a new skill) will join us and escape to the sun and colour of this beautiful part of India.

  2. Ah yes – can’t wait. I was in Brick Lane for my Private View on Wednesday, getting a taste of all the cosmopolitan life and vitality that London offers. I love it here in (wet) green Dorset of course but I am ready for a change of scene! Look forward to seeing you in warm and inspirational Rajasthan.

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